Wednesday, September 30, 2009

India Out of Champions Trophy Cricket 2009

As Australia defeated Pakistan at the cricket match played on 30 September 2009, India got out of Champions Trophy Cricket 2009.

At the Pakistan vs Australia match, Pakistan was defeated by Australia by 2 wickets. India needed Pakistan to win this match to qualify for the semifinals.

Meanwhile India vs West India cricket match is going on today. Even if India won this match, India caunt reach Semifinals.

So in short India Out of Champions Trophy Cricket 2009.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Boss Season 3 Contestants - Participants

As per some unconfirmed hearsays, the name of Big Boss Season 3 Contestants / Participants are :-

Aditya Pancholi,
Ajay Jadeja,
Chunkey Pandey,
Fiza Chand,
Harshit Saxena etc etc.

Big Boss Season 3 show can be watched from COLORS Tv channel.

Third season of BigBoss commences on 04/10/2009.

Peculiarities of the landscape of Kerala

Kerala is a great state of India having some natural beauty. Rivers, Lakes, mountains etc makes Kerala different from other states of India.

Capital of Kerala is Trivandrum. Queen of Arabian sea Kochi also locates at Kerala.

Kerala is also famous for tourism. Millions of tourist visits Kerala per year. Tourist also like Elephant ride which is one of the peculiarities of Kerala.

Sea food is also another feature of Kerala. House Boats, Lake Journey etc attracts more people to Kerala.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Common dressing styles of Malayali

Malayali or Keralalite have some peculiar dressing style. Common dressing styles of Malayali include Saree and Blouse. Men wear Shirt and Mundu (Lunky).

Small kids (boys) wear shirt and trousers. Girls wear pattupavada and blouse.

At school and colleges boys wear pants and shirts with neck tie. Girls wear churidar and pants while they go for studies.

Kerala women wear saree or churidar while they go for work.

Saree is the traditional dress of a malayali (people of Kerala). During some special functions like party or marriage women wear's saree.

But atpresent common dressing styles of Malayali changed a lot. Men and women started to use Tshirts and geans. Hope people of Kerala wont forget their tradition.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting more energy from food we eat

To get more energy from food we eat, we should eat food having more protein, vitamines, Iron, Calcium etc. The fact is that we are getting more energy from food we eat.

So you should include following items in your breakfast / lunch / dinner :-

Vegetables and

Vegetarian people can exclude meat, fish etc. But you should eat more vegetables to makeup your health.

Another thing is that dont eat more food to aquire more energy. Eat only according to your need. Else it will result in obesity.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Records of Sachin Tendulkar

Team India batsmen Sachin Tendulkar own's so many Cricket records. Some of the Records of Sachin Tendulkar are :-

Sachin Tendulkar has the records of highest century.

ODI century - 44.
Test centuries - 42.

Sachin is the Indian player who scored more runs than any other Indian players. Sachin Tendulkar scored around Seventeen thousand runs.

ODI Runs - 16895.
Test Runs - 12773.

He played more cricket matches than any other Indian cricketers. Tendulkar played in more than four hundrand matches.

These all forms only a small portion of the records of Sachin Tendulkar. He is the player who is having more records compairing to others.

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 schedule

The schedule of this years Champions Trophy is between 22/09/2009 and 05/10/2009. Venue of 2009 ICC Champions Trophy is South Africa.

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 schedule :-

22 Sep - South Africa vs Sri Lanka.
23 Sep - Pakistan vs West Indies.
24 Sep - South Africa vs New Zealand.
25 Sep - England vs Sri Lanka.
26 Sep - Australia vs West Indies.
26 Sep - India vs Pakistan.

etc upto

05 Oct - ICC Champions Trophy 2009 final.

ICC One day cricket ranking 2009

ICC One day cricket ranking 2009 shows that South Africa leads at first place with first rank. This is followed by India & Australia.

Anyhow India got ICC first rank for a day in the month of September 2009. India lost that first rank when India got defeated by Sri Lanka on India vs Srilanka One day cricket.

Current ICC One day cricket ranking 2009 :-

South Africa,
Pakistan and
Sri Lanka.

This ICC ranking is as per data available on 15/09/2009.

Monday, September 14, 2009

US Open 2009 winner - Del Potro

US Open 2009 winner is Del Potro. Del Potro defeated Roger Federer to win the 2009 US Open Mens singles final.

Juan Martin Del Potro overcame Tennis World number one Federer on 14/09/2009.

Scores of US Open 2009 Mens singles final is :-

(Juan Martin Del Potro vs Roger Federer)

3 - 6,
7 - 6,
4 - 6,
7 - 6 and
6 - 2. So winner is Juan Martin Del Potro.

Congratulations for US Open 2009 Winner Del Potro.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Prelude to the Dream 2009 results

Prelude to the Dream 2009 occured at Eldora Speedway, Rossburg, Ohio on 09/09/2009.

Prelude to the Dream 2009 results :-

First place :- Tony Stewart.
Second place :- Clint Bowyer.
Third place :- Kyle Busch.

Some other drivers who paticipated at Prelude to the Dream 2009 includes :-

Matt Kenseth,
Ryan Newman,
Jimmie Johnson,
Denny Hamlin etc...

Congrats for all drivers who won and got listed on Prelude to the Dream 2009 results.

New American Idol judge - Ellen DeGeneres

At Season 9, Ellen DeGeneres becomes American Idol Judge. New American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres becomes judge because Paula Abdul is not there in American Idol season 9.

Some other Judges of American Idol Season 9 are :-

Randy Jackson,
Simon Cowell and
Kara DioGuardi.

Apart from these Permanent judge's, Guest judges will be also there on Season 9 of American Idol.

Host of Season 9 is Ryan Seacrest.

Anyhow congratulations for Ellen DeGeneres (New American Idol judge).

How to make Meals from old Rice

If you have rice left on a day at your home, you can use it for the next day. We will tell you how to make Meals from old Rice.

Keep the left behind rice in an Electric refrigerator. The next day morning take that old rice from freezer and pour some water into it.

Boil that rice in the cooking stove as you cook ordinary rice. After full cooking extract rice from water and move rice to a new plate.

You can use this rice as like new rice. But sometimes there will be a little taste difference.

If you like that taste then you can have meals made from old rice.

Hope everyone will try meals from old rice.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Karnataka Premier League - KPL cricket

Karnataka Premier League or KPL cricket is similar to that of IPL and is ment for Karnataka, India. This years ie 2009 KPL (Karnataka Premier League) starts from 09/09/09.

Karnataka Premier League will be held at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Karnataka, India.

So KPL cricket commences today with the cricket match between Mangalore United & Bangalore Rural.

This years Karnataka Premier League is scheduled till 23 September 2009.

Anyhow the teams included in KPL cricket are :-

Malnad Gladiators,
Mysore Maharajas,
Bangalore Brigadiers,
Mangalore United,
Bijapur Bulls,
Shamanur Davangere Diamonds,
Belgavi Panthers and
Bangalore Provident.

How many gears does a 3 speed Auto have ?

Do you know how many gears does a 3 speed Auto have ? As my prediction 3 speed Auto will only have three gear.

Some bikes have 5 speed or 6 speed gears.

Gears will be like :-

First gear,
Second gear,
Third gear,
Fourth gear,
Fifth gear and
Reverse gear.

From these first and second gears are used to climb steep hills where as gear 3 and 4 are used for smooth road journey.

2009 US Open Tennis schedule

The schedule of 2009 US Open Tennis is from 31 August 2009 to 13 September 2009.

Brief 2009 US Open Tennis schedule :-

Aug 31 2009 - Sep 8 2009 :- First, Second, Third & Fourth Rounds.

8 September 2009 - 10 September 2009 :- Quarterfinals.

10/09/2009, 11/09/2009 & on 13/09/2009 :- Doubles.

11/09/2009 to 12/09/2009 :- Semifinals.

12/09/2009 & 13/09/2009 :- US Open 2009 Tennis finals (Singles).

Refer some sports related portals to collect 2009 US Open Tennis schedule & more details.

Today is 9 September 2009 - 09/09/09

Have anyone found out the specialty of today ? Yes today is 9 September 2009 - 09/09/09.

Every number of todays date has a nine in it. How cazy its. Those who like fancy numbers will really love this day.

More than that kids born today will be having fancy birthdate. Like fancy numbers for mobilephones, fancy birthday.

Conducting marriage today is also a good idea. You can remember your wedding date easily if you marry today ie 9 September 2009.

Wishing all people a Happy 09/09/09.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soccer : Miami won Miami v Florida State Football

Miami won Miami v Florida State Football match which occured today.

FSU vs Miami Score is :-

Florida State - 34.
Miami - 38.

So its the clear victory of Miami over Florida State.

Miami v Florida State football event occured on 7th September 2009.

Congrats Miami.

Monday, September 7, 2009

2007 National Film Award Winners - 2009

2007 National Film Award Winners have been announced. Thereon Kerala got 5 awards.

2007 National Film award winners declared on 2009 September are :-

Best Director :- Adoor Gopalakrishnan.
Best Singer :- Shankhar Mahadevan.
Best Actor :- Prakash Raj.
Best Actress :- Umashree.
Entertainment Film :- Chak De India.
Best Family movie :- Thare Sameen Par.

There are much more winners and movies who won the awards.

Ricky Ponting Quits T20 International Cricket

Famous Cricketer Ricky Ponting Quits T20 International Cricket. Ricky Ponting is the current Team Australia captain.

This right hand batsmen is one of the top batsmen in this world. His talent to hit sixes and fours are much famous among cricket lovers.

If he quits Twenty20 Internationals, then we will miss some huge hits on T20 International Cricket.

Presently Ricky Ponting has scored around 11345 runs in Test Cricket & 11523 runs in One Day International.

Ricky Ponting is also a part of T20 IPL. In IPL (Indian Premier League) Ricky Ponting plays for Shahrukh Khan's KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders).

While Ricky Ponting quits T20 International cricket, we can expect more performances from him on ODI, Test & in IPL.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Running a Computer with Cabinet Opened

Suppose if your cooling fans stop working. What will you do ? Running a Computer with Cabinet Opened is a solution for this problem.

Just unscrew one side of your CPU cabinet and keep it open so that the hot air inside your PC goes out.

But close the opened computer cabinet after turning off the PC. Keeping it in open state will cause dust to accumulate.

Running a computer with cabinet opened can be stopped when you replace the faulty cooling Fan.

Cooling fans are available at cheaper price at the market. So try to install a new fan as early as you can.

VAS Companies in India

VAS / Value Added Service's attracts more people to a company / organization. VAS Companies in India include Mobile, Satellite Tv, IT services etc etc.

Mobile companies in India provides some VAS like :-
Caller Tunes,
Caller ID,
Missed call alert etc.

Satellite Tv companies offers some Value Added Service like :-
Interactive Tv,
Zoom etc.

IT companies in India provides VAS like :-
SMS from website to PC,
Internet Phone Calls etc.

Some offer VAS free where as some others charges for using advanced features.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Putting plastic cover on Television

We all have Television at home. To keep Tv safe from dust, we use covers. But Putting plastic cover on Television is not good for its lifespan.

You may use dest covers or thin clothes over Television. This is not harmful.

But instead of these items, if we put plastic covers then the electronic components inside the device will get heated. This will result in the damage of that TV.

There are airholes at the cabinet of all Television sets. We are not supposed to wrap that holes with anything. Those airholes are ment for hot air release.

Putting plastic cover on Television will make these holes blocked thereby causing overheating inside Tv, resulting in the damage of that Tv.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Height of Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova is a renowned Tennis player. Height of Maria Sharapova is 6' 2 ie, 6 feet 2 inches.

She was born at 1987, Nineteen April.

Some of her fans are very much intrested to know her height. So we collected some info regarding Maria Sharapova's height from net.

Height of Maria Sharapova in feets is 6'2".
Her height in meters is 1.88 meter.

Maria Sharapova is from Russia.

What is the meaning of word Charred ?

Do you know what is the meaning of word Charred ? It merely means burned. Eg :- Wood charred to obtain coal.

Suppose if we are overheating or burning a substance. Then it will get burned and gets defaced.

While we iron a dress, if we carelessly put that iron box over top of that dress for sometime then that dress will be charred.

We seldom use this word in our daily routines. So common people is not familiar with the meaning of this word.

But people working in factory & in manufacturing plants use the word charred commonly.

Hope you understood the meaning of word charred.

Running a DC fan from solar energy

Solar energy is freely available fom Sun. So we can use it free of cost. Running a DC fan from solar energy / operating a radio is the simple example of free solar electricity.

To use a Fan with Solar Panel you should have :-

20 Watts Solar panel,
12 Volt DC car Fan and
Voltage controller.

Installation Steps to make fan running :-

Place the 20 Watts Solar panel in the Sun. Connect the output of that Solar photovoltaic cells to the voltage controller.

After that connect your DC fan to that voltage controller. Now you can find that your Fan is running providing you with cool air.

Hope you got the method of running a dc fan from solar energy.

Andhra CM YS Rajasekhara Reddy dead

Andhra CM YS Rajasekhara Reddy dead in a helicopter (chopper) crash which occurred yesterday. The chopper in which YSR travelled was found today morning in crashed state.

There was reports of missing of YS Rajasekhara Reddy from yesterday morning.

Today morning the chopper of YSR was found on top of a hill in burnt state. After that news came out that Andhra CM YS Rajasekhara Reddy dead in that helicopter accident.

Anyhow the loss of YSR will be a great loss for AP people. YS Rajasekhara Reddy was one of the leaders who was much liked by the people of Andra Pradesh.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2009 Onam came to an End

Atlast this Onam is also over. We had a nice time during this onam. 2009 Onam came to an End by today as today is third Onam.

But there is 6 more days holidays for students as a part of Onam 2009. But Government employees have to attend Job from Monday.

How was your 2009 Onam ? Enjoyed ?

We found vast shopping trend in people during this Onam. People will be going for Job or college wearing new dress which was bought during this Onam.

Some students will not be happy to go to school after Onam holidays as they will get onam exams answersheets. But there is nothing to worry for such students.

Take everything relaxed. Anyhow another onam ie, 2009 Onam came to an end.

Games Played at School level classes

We all have played some games when we studied at school. Can you recollect some Games Played at School level classes ?

Yes some of such school level games are :-

Softball etc.

But small kids like to play Police and Thief game.

Do you know how to play that game ? To play that game, one will become police and another will become thief. The Police have to capture running thief.

If you know more games played at school level classes, please inform us.

Kids putting stones under teachers chair

Some kids puts stones under teachers chair. This happens if teacher scolds a kid for some reason. Kids putting stones under teachers chair is a bad habbit.

During school days teachers may beat or punish some students for misbehaving in the class. Kids wont like this and will go for taking revenge with the teacher.

They will sometimes put stones under teachers chair. This causes teachers to fell when they sit on that chair.

We should not do these type of bad deeds as it can affect somebody. So Kids putting stones under teachers chair should not be allowed.