Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nokia 6600i price in India

Nokia 6600i, a new phone from Nokia reached Indian markets. The new Nokia 6600i is a slide mobile phone.

Nokia 6600i is available in two colours. They are :

Black and

Nokia 6600i price in India is around 14,000 INR.

Features / Specification of this cute phone :-

Colour Display (240x320 pxl),
Camera (Five MP),
FM radio,
Bluetooth etc.

Hong Kong sixes 2009 Results

Hong Kong Super Sixes 2009 will be held on 31 October 2009 and on 1 November 2009. Eight teams are there in this cricket match.

Hong Kong sixes 2009 teams :-

Hong Kong,
New Zealand,
South Africa and
Sri Lanka.

Lets wait and watch Hong Kong sixes 2009 Results and winners.

IND vs AUS 3rd ODI - 31/10/2009 India Australia series 2009

2009 India Australia series (IND vs AUS 3rd ODI) will took place today (31/10/2009) at Ferozshah Kotla Stadium, New Delhi.

Currently India and Australia won each match. So points scored by each team is 1-1.

IND vs AUS 3rd ODI has already started and Australia is batting against India.

Present score is
AUS : 162 / 3.
Overs : 38.6 Ovr.

Australia is continuing batting.

Stay Tuned for more score details and Highlights of India Australia series 2009 .

Friday, October 30, 2009

How to activate Airtel Freedom Plan

Those who like to move to the new Airtel Mobile plan (Airtel Freedom Plan) can do it by simply rechaging for Sixty Four rupees.

How to activate Airtel Freedom Plan ?

Easy recharge with Rs 64 /-.

Benifits of this plan / tariff :-

Same network - 1 p/s for local / STD calls.
Different network - 1.2 p/s for local / STD calls.

The same tariff is also available in Idea Mobile for 64 Rs recharge.

Kerala Piravi November 1 2009

1 November 2009 is celebrated by all Kerala citizenry as Kerala Piravi. Kerala Piravi means Birthday of Kerala (Kerala Piravi November 1 2009).

This years is the 53rd birthday of Kerala. Happy bday for Keralam.

The state of Kerala was formed firstly on 1st Nov 1956.

During Kerala piravi girls / ladies of Kerala wears Kasavu Saree and Blouse. Men and boys use Shirt and Kasavu Mundu.

Birthday of Kerala is same as the birthday of each and every citizen of the State. So we can celebrate this occassion together.

Idea Introduced 1ps/sec plan in Kerala

Idea Cellular introduced 1ps/sec plan in Kerala circle. In this plan, by recharging for Rs 250 you can enjoy all India calls at 1ps/second rate.

Call Charges :- One paisa per sec (All India)
Gulf :- 15 ps / second.
Offer validity : 30 days.

This offer is also available in Rs 124 recharge for 15 days.

Airtel launched per second billing

Happy news for all Airtel Mobile Users. Airtel launched per second billing. So now you pay only for what you use.

Airtel per second billing is as follows :-

Airtel 2 Airtel (Across India) :- 1 paise per second.
Airtel 2 Other networks (Local + National) :- 1.2 paise/sec.

Seconds billing was first introduced by Tata DOCOMO in India.

Happy Calling !!!

Top Five Engineering colleges in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is a rich land with so many Engineering colleges and Arts and Science colleges. Now we can go through a list of Top Five Engineering colleges in Thiruvananthapuram.

They are :-

1) College of Engineering.
2) S C T College of Engineering, Pappanamcod.
3) University College of Engineering, Kariavattom, Trivandrum.
4) L.B.S. Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura.
5) Marian College of Engineering & Technology.

There are so many other Engg Colleges apart from these Top Five Engineering colleges in Thiruvananthapuram where students can complete their B-Tech Degree course.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kala Ghoda Festival 2009

Short Version of Kala Ghoda Festival 2009 will take place in between 30 Oct 2009 and 2 Nov 2009. But the main festival ie Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2010 will be on Feb 2010.

Main festival schedule :-

06/02/ 2010 to 14/02/2010.

For more details go through :-

Fire in Jaipur - 12 people died

Nearly 12 people died as a result of Fire in Jaipur Indian Oil Corporation’s fuel depot. As per reports, around 150 persons were also injured due to this fire.

This mishap occured at the Indian Oil Corporation's depot in the Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

This incident occured on 29 October 2009. Jaipur fire news may be heart breaking for the relatives of injured and dead people.

Tata Docomo 1 sec 1 Paise

Call rate of leading mobile servive provider Tata Docomo is very useful for all its users. The tariff of Tata Docomo is as follows :-

Call charges :- 1 sec 1 Paise (Seconds Billing).

SMS charges :- 1 paise / SMS.

This plan attracted so many people and as a result so many other mobile customers moved on to the new Tata DOCOMO.

Compairing to other mobile services, the main advantage of DOCOMO is "Pay per You Call" ie, seconds billing.

If you make a 10 sec call then it will cost only 10 paise. So Tata Docomo 1 sec 1 Paise became a big hit in India.

Archbishop Acharuparambil passed away

Archbishop Acharuparambil passed away on 26th October 2009. He was Seventy year old.

He was born on 1939 and died at 2009. His death was at Lourd Mission hospital on Monday.

Archbishop Acharuparambil was the President of Kerala Catholic Bishops Council.

Anyhow his death will be a big loss for the whole world.

Computer Screen becoming yellow colour

In some old computers, the monitor may sometime chage to yellowish colour. This may be due to :-
Bad cable (from CPU to monitor) or
Due to loose connection inside monitor.

If you have this problem in your computer monitor, then you should take your monitor to a neaby service center.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Little Champs 2009 | LIL Champs 2009 winner - Hemant Brijwasi

This year's ie Little Champs 2009 winner is none other than Hemant. He overcame Yatharth Ratnam Rastogi and Shreyasi Bhattacharya to become LIL Champs 2009 winner.

Little Champs 2009 Results :-

First place :- Hemant Brijwasi.
Second Place :- Yatharth Ratnam Rastogi.
Third Place :- Shreyasi Bhattacharya.

Comgratulations for Saregamapa Lil Champs 2009 winner, Hemant Brijwasi.

Cricket schedule - India Australia One Day Series 2009

India Australia One Day Series 2009 schedule will start from tomorrow ie 25/10/2009. The opening match (Australia vs India) will be played at the Reliance Stadium, Vadodara, India.

Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag will play for India during this India Australia series.

India Australia One Day Series 2009 schedule / fixtures :-

Dates :- 25 Oct 2009 to 11 Nov 2009.
Matches :- India vs Australia ODI 1 to 7.

Concept of Free tuition for Students

Its a good idea to take free tuition for students. Those students who have no money to fix a home tuition will be benefitted through this project.

Well educated people in a locality can take classes for poor students in their locality for free. Teachers can travel by walking or by bicycle and thereby avoiding travel expense.

If this concept ie, Concept of Free tuition for Students became a reality then that will be a plus for the hapless.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New BSNL Prepaid Broadband Service

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd) introduced the new BSNL Prepaid Broadband Service in India. In this plan, prepaid recharge coupons will be available for using broadband internet.

The Prepaid service will be same like Mobile prepaid. So customers can use the net by recharging when needed.

There will be no fixed rents in BSNL prepaid Broadband plans like in postpaid broadband plans.

This plan will be useful for students as well as for limited net users.

Champions of CLT20 2009 - New South Wales Blues

New South Wales Blues wins the first edition of the Airtel Champions League Twenty20 cricket. So the Champions of CLT20 2009 are New South Wales Blues.

NSW overcame Trinidad & Tobago by 41 runs yesterday (24/10/2009).

ScoreCard :-

New South Wales Blues :-
Runs - 159 / 9.
Overs - 20.

Trinidad & Tobago :-
Runs - 118 / 10.
Overs - 15.5.

So the winner of CLT20 2009 is New South Wales Blues.

Kerala depends on TN people for Vegetables

Kerala depends almost 75 percentage on TamilNadu (TN) for vegetables. As almost all people of Kerala are literate. So they wont care for agriculture.

All Kerala people are looking for white collar Jobs. So they wont do cultivation. Presently Kerala depends on TN people for :-

Meat (Chicken),
Milk etc.

At old days Kerala people cultivated all of these products. But everyone became lazy nowadays.

Kerala food - Kappa and Meen kari

One of the favarative food items of Kerala people are Kappa and Meen kari. Kappa in English language means Tapioca.

Kappa = Tapioca.
Meen Kari = Fish Curry.

The combination of these two food items gives a delicious product. Most workers and poor people likes these food more.

Visitors from outside Kerala also likes Kerala food - Kappa and Meen kari. Some even visits Kerala to have this food item.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maharashtra Poll results 2009 - Maharashtra Assembly elections

Maharashtra Assembly elections 2009 is going on today (22/10/2009) and the leads available till now are as follows -

Congress + NCP (134),
BJP + Shiv Sena (95),
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (14) and
Oth (39).

Total Seats - 288.

So Congress NCP alliance is leading at Maharashtra Assembly elections 2009.

2009 Kerala Assembly by-election Results

Assembly by-election for the Assembly constituencies named Alappuzha, Ernakulam and Kannur in Kerala is ahead ie on October.

Candidates list :-

2009 Kerala Assembly by-election Kannur :-

Congress - AP Abdulla Kutty.
CPM - MV Jayarajan.

Kerala Assembly by-election 2009 Ernakulam candidates :-

Congress - Dominic Presentation.

Congress candidate for Alappuzha - AA Shukoor.

Stay tuned in for 2009 Kerala Assembly by-election Results.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Season 6 So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 - SYTYCD 6

The top 20 contestants of So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 (SYTYCD 6) has been disclosed. The toppers lists are as follows :-

Season 6 So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 :-

Top Girls & boys :-

Ashleigh DiLello,
Ariana Debose,
Bianca Revels,
Billy Bell,
Channing Cooke,
Ellenore Scott,
Jakob Karr,
Pauline Mata,
Phillip Attmore,
Peter Sabasino,
Karen Hauer,
Kathryn McCormick,
Mollee Gray,
Nathan Trasoras,
Noelle Marsh,
Russell Ferguson,
Ryan DiLello and
Victor Smalley.

2009 World series Schedule - Fixtures Baseball

This year's World series that is 2009 World series will commence on Oct 28 and will endup on Nov 5th. The much awaited 2009 World series Schedule / Fixtures is shown below :-

28/10/2009 - PhiladelphiaPhillies @ AL.
29/10/2009 - Philadelphia Phillies @ AL.
31/10/2009 - AL @ Philadelphia Phillies.
01/11/2009 - AL @ Philadelphia Phillies.
02/11/2009 - AL @ Philadelphia Phillies.
04/11/2009 - Philadelphia Phillies @ AL.
05/11/2009 - Philadelphia Phillies @ AL.

Wait for some more day's to know the winners of 2009 World series.

12 people died in Mathura train Accident

Around 12 people died in Mathura train Accident which occured today morning. In this unfortunate mishap, Goa Samparkranti Express collided with the Mewar Express.

As per reports, around twenty people were injured in this happening.

This accident occured on 21/10/2009 at 05:00 AM.

Meanwhile, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee ordered for an investigation about this mishap.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prevention of Water pollution and Air pollution

Its the duty of every citizen to preserve air and water. Prevention of Water pollution and Air pollution is a must for the survival of human beings in this world.

Everyday and every minute people throws unwanted materials into their environment. But this activity causes environmental pollution and damage. This will result in unhygienic air and water.

Some people have a habit of throwing water bottles and paper plates to nearby lakes or rivers after use. This will cause severe water pollution.

Tthe smokes which comes out from automobiles and factory causes air pollution. To avoid this situation we should go for electric or solar cars.

Prevention of Water pollution and Air pollution will help us to survive in this world for a long long time.

Malwa Gramin Bank recruiting Officer Scale I and Office Assistants

Malwa Gramin Bank has invited application for the following posts :-

Officer Scale I (38) and
Office Assistants (72).

More Details :-

Officer Scale I :- Qualification - Degree.
Last date to apply - 24/11/2009.
Written test will be on 24 Jan 2010.
Scale of pay - 10,000 to 18,240 INR.

Office Assistants :- Last date to apply - 24/11/2009.
Written test on 31 Jan 2010.
Scale of pay - 4,410 to 13,210 INR.

Kerala girls and boys adopting western dressing style

Apart from old days, Kerala girls and boys prefer to wear modern dress. They almost forget our traditional dressing style and clothes.

During old days Kerala girls or women used saree and blouse. But now they use churidar and shawl. Some girls even wears Jeans pants and shirts.

Boys chnged their hair styles a lot. During old days boys used to cut hairs. But now boys or men grows hairs like ladies or women.

But most people like other people's who wear traditional dress.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cape Cobras vs Delhi Daredevils - Match 20 CLT20 Highlights

Cape Cobras won the toss against DD and elected to field in the 20th match of Champions League Twenty 20.

Summary of Cape Cobras vs Delhi Daredevils - Match 20 CLT20 Highlights :-

Venue - Feroz Shah Kotla.

Present Score - Delhi Daredevils - 65 / 4.
Overs - 13.5

Now batting - O Shah & Y Nagar.

Rory Kleinveldt got two wickets.

2009 Nike Women's marathon Results

2009 Nike Women's marathon was held at San Francisco on 18/10/2009. There were two competions yesterday named Full Marathon and Half Marathon.

2009 Nike Women's marathon Results :-

Full Marathon winner :- Caitlin Smith.
Finishing time :- 02:58:52.

Half Marathon winner :- Carrie Dimoff.
Finishing time :- 01:25:26.

Congratulations for Caitlin & Carrie.

New Rs 48 Recharge offer in Reliance CDMA - All calls 50p

As per the new Rs 48 Recharge offer in Reliance CDMA, we can make all calls at 50 paise. So these all are the benifits which we get if we recharge for Rs 48 :-

All local calls at 50 Paise,
All STD calls at 50 paise,
Local SMS - 50 p,
National SMS -50 p.

So this offer will be economical for all people who talks more on phone, especially STD.

Students will be more attracted to this offer as they can make SMS at just 50 paise per message.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wearing old and torn dress at home

While we are at home, we can use our old and unused dress. No one will question us why you ae wearing old dress ?

So its a reuse of such clothes. Shirts, pants, saree etc which are 5 to 6 year old and lost their colour can be used at home.

Some people will cut long pants into small trousers and uses them at home.

So instead of buying expensive dress for home use, we can use our own old clothes.

Sania Mirza out of Japan Open Tennis 2009

At Japan Open Tennis 2009, Sania Mirza got defeated by Fransisca Sheawhan. So Sania Mirza is out from the Semifinals of 2009 Japan Open.

Scores are :-

6 - 2.
6 - 1.

Sania Mirza is an Indian tennis player where us Fransisca is an Italian player.

Anyhow Sania will get an increase in Ranking due to the victories acquired during Japan Open Tennis 2009.

School teaching vs Home tuition Which is good ?

Students usually attends school class. But they gives less importance to school class comapiring to home tuition.

This is because they get more care and support from home tutors. As there are so many students in a class, teachers cannot care each and every student of a school class.

But the situation in entirely different in case of home tution. In that system student gets more care and attention.

So if we compare School teaching and home tuition (School teaching vs Home tuition), then defenitly we can say that it is home tuition.

How to mingle with friends easily

Its not an easy task to get quick friends. If you have god personality, then you will get more and more friends.

How to mingle with friends easily ?

When you see a person, just smile at them. Then try to talk to your friends whenever you get time.

those who talks more usually gets more friends. So talk more and collect more friends.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New fever's which became popular in last year

There were so many fever's which became popular during last year. Some of them are :-

Denki Fever,
Chukun Gunia,
Rat Fever and
finally H1N1 or Swine Flu.

During earlier days we used to hear only about viral fever and normal fever. But nowadays each year a new fever is comming up.

People seems to be much tensed when they have fever than any other disease. This is due to the new fever's which is budding up every year.

Different types of Mobile Network available in India

In India different types of Mobile networks are there. But the most common mobile network seen in India is GSM system.

Different types of Mobile Network available in India are :-

GSM and
3G networks.

3 G is in budding phase in India. But the other two systems like CDMA and GSM is available around whole India.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Selecting a Footwear that matches your legs

While you choose a Footwear, the first thing to check is that wheather it will suit your legs. Some people buys bigger footwear's or some buys smaller.

But you should wear that footwear before you buy it to check wheather that footware matches the size of your legs.

Seperate Footwears are there for men, women, kids etc. For all aged people footwear's are available.

There will be a number marked on ever pair of footwer's which shows the inch of it. If you know the inch of your feet then you can buy an appropriate footware easily.

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