Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2009 Onam came to an End

Atlast this Onam is also over. We had a nice time during this onam. 2009 Onam came to an End by today as today is third Onam.

But there is 6 more days holidays for students as a part of Onam 2009. But Government employees have to attend Job from Monday.

How was your 2009 Onam ? Enjoyed ?

We found vast shopping trend in people during this Onam. People will be going for Job or college wearing new dress which was bought during this Onam.

Some students will not be happy to go to school after Onam holidays as they will get onam exams answersheets. But there is nothing to worry for such students.

Take everything relaxed. Anyhow another onam ie, 2009 Onam came to an end.